YSR sampurna poshana plus Andhra Pradesh New Scheme for Women

YSR sampurna poshana plus: YSR Sampoorna poshana scheme announced by government of AP. This scheme is for nutrition’s foods and pregnant women of the states. Under this scheme government of AP cover 3.18 lakh Children’s and 0.66 lakh pregnant and lactating mothers in 77 schedule areas. Government of AP provides 1500 rupees for that scheme. Government of AP provide rupees 3456 crore was proposed for women’s, children’s.

Government of AP recently launch new scheme card YSR Sampoorna poshana and also called sampoorna poshana plus scheme. Under the schemes government of AP provides nutritious food to the pregnant motions and also for the children’s. For that, government of AP has decided to spend rupees 1863 crores. This facility is Especially for BPL families.

YSR sampurna poshana plus

YSR sampurna poshana plus
YSR sampurna poshana plus

Government of AP provides huge numbers of benefits for women’s of the states. Government of AP takes important steps for enhancing women’s safety and security. If any case women suffer with sexual offence then after the investigation and trial within 21 working days government provide for criminal death penalty in that case.

Details of the scheme

Scheme name- YSR Sampoorna poshana scheme
Launched by- AP government
Announced by – jagan Mohan Reddy
Beneficiaries- poor women’s and children’s of the state
Benefit- provide nutrition food and health benefits

Main features of the scheme

  1. Under the schemes government provides and supply nutrition’s food to the pregnant women’s and also for the needy children’s.
  2. YSR Sampoorna poshana plus scheme is intended to supply nutritions food in 77 tribal areas.
  3. Under the scheme government of AP spend approximately 1863.11 crore for the scheme.
  4. The cabinet also decided to provide rupees 18,750 financial aid to those peoples whose age 45 years and up to 60 years.
  5. There is approximately 25 lakh Womens are going to benefits under the scheme.
  6. AP government spend rupees 18000 crore for the benefits of pregnant women’s and children’s under YSR sampoorna poshana plus scheme.
  7. Under this scheme more than 3500000 womens of the state will get special benefits under the scheme.

YSR Sampoorna oshana scheme implemented by the government of Andhra Pradesh this scheme is dedicate for all children’s all pregnant woman’s and lactating mothers in 77 schedules and tribal Sub plan Mandals spread over seven integrated tribal development agencies and eight districts in the state.

YSR sampurna poshana plus Application Form

Anganwadi workers will take up through survey of Anganwadi centre attachment area to all eligible Children’s and women’s in this program. Government of AP have launch the wire Sal Sampoorna portion and Sampoorna poshana Plus on September 1st. The main objective to launch this scheme is to provide a complete nutritional diet to pregnant woman’s lactating mothers and children with a budget of rupees 1863 crore for the year after 2020-21.


  • Under this scheme of all the children those is with being 6 months to 72 months are eligible to get the benefits of the scheme.
  • All pregnant Women’s are eligible to get benefit of the scheme.
  • Lactating Womens are also eligible to get benefit of this Yojana.
  • All BPL families’ womens and childrens are eligible to get benefits of the scheme.

YSR Sampoorna poshana and Sampoorna poshana plus launch on September 1st. This scheme is for nutritional diet for pregnant women’s and lactating mothers and also for children’s. Why Sampoorna poshana plus will be implemented in 77 tribal Mandal sampoorna poshana will be implemented in the remaining wonders of the state. Starting of that scheme approximately 30 lakh people will be benefited from the scheme.

The Minister said as against rupees 762 crore spent during the previous government the budget was now enhanced to rupees 1863 crores. As promised by CM Jagan Mohan Reddy during his padyatra the cabinet decided to provide quality rice at the doorstep of the card holder. This initiative will start across the AP State from 1st December. For government of AP spending rupees 480 crore for rice and rupees 296 crore for delivering the ration.

Important documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Date of birth detail
  • Gender detail
  • Bonafide certificate
  • Passport size photographs

Other than these for children’s registration their monthly height and weight record of children shall be entered correctly in CAS. Buy Anganwadi workers beating scale shall be calibrating regularly and also height scales of adults. Children waiting scare shall be in working condition at all Anganwadi centres.

Growth monitoring of embryo shoulders to be done at Anganwadi centres every month. Anganwadi workers Asha workers ANM coordinator examinations of all children are by the medical officers. Weight of the pregnant woman’s shall be monitored every month at anganbadi centre and recorded in C A S.

YSR sampurna Registration Online

Government of AP took many steps to enhance the safety and security of the womens and children’s of the states. Government of AP also focuses on the tribal area of the state which are still not developed with the help of government technical partners and word bank. The planning departments of Andhra Pradesh also identified around 30 lowest performing Mandal according to nutrition anemia health and also water and sanitation. All these identified in 30 Mandal in the scheduled and sub plan wonders of the state.

Steps to apply for the scheme

  1. All eligible candidates those want to apply for the YSR Sampoorna poshana scheme they need to contact with Anganwadi workers.
  2. If you are not able to come to the anganbadi centre then anganbadi worker we come to your house and collect all the data.
  3. Anganwadi workers will collect your Aadhar card, photographs, your monthly height and weight record of children shall be entered correctly in CAS.
  4. Anganwadi worker of your nearest areas will collect all the data from you and they send your data to the selection committee.
  5. After collecting all the data of needy women’s and children’s the government of AP send nutritional food to them.
  6. So very easily people will get the effects of the scheme


Q: What is YSR Sampoorna poshana plus scheme?

Ans: YSR Sampoorna poshana plus scheme announced by government of Andhra Pradesh under the scheme government provide nutritional food and health benefits of poor women’s and children’s of the states.

Q: Who is the beneficiary of YSR Sampoorna poshana plus scheme?

Ans: All women’s and all children’s are eligible to get the benefits of YSR Sampoorna poshana plus scheme.

Q: What is the objective of YSR Sampoorna poshana plus scheme?

Ans: The main objectives to launch this scheme are to provide nutrition food to the poor women’s and children’s of the state.

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