Telangana 1500 Rupees Status, List Download, APplication for, Registration online

Telangana 1500 Rupees Status: Telangana government announced new scheme for the peoples of the state. Under the scheme government deposit Rupees 1500 each accounts of 74 lakh families. Government provides this benefit for all those families who might have lost their livelihood because of the covid-19 virus. According to the chief minister of K Chandrasekhar Rao the government has transferred rupees 1112 crore to the bank for credit into the account of beneficiaries.

Telangana 1500 Rupees
Telangana 1500 Rupees

According to the schemes white ration card holder will get 1500 benefit from the scheme. Under this scheme government give Rupees 1500 to the beneficiary families. Government only provides this benefit when the take the 12 KG rice offered by the government during the lock down. Approximately 74 of peoples in Telangana will receive rupees each in their account in the next few hours. This money is been deposited at part of the state plan to help out peoples who might have lost their livelihood because of the virus.

Details regarding the scheme

Yojana name- Telangana 1500 scheme
Announced by – chief Minister of Telangana k Chandrasekhar Rao
Beneficiaries- white card holders
Total budget- 2500 crore
Year -2020
Application process -online
Concerned department- consumer Affairs Food and civil supplies government of Telangana

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According to the government around 74 accounts in Telangana will be credited with 15 years promise by the Chief Minister of telangana. The Government of Telangana has transferred rupees a 11 12 crore to the bank account for credit into the accounts of beneficiary. Due to the Corona virus huge number of peoples faces many problems in the state. Telangana government issued food security ration card only to The Eligible household who fulfill all the condition as prescribed.

Telangana 1500 Rupees Status

Telangana ration card is is issued by the consumer Affairs Food and civil supplies government of telangana to eligible citizens of state. These civil supplies basically include be try to curb pulses kerosene for the state. The ultimate delivery of civil supplies to the household is done through fair price shop and locality of the state. Government of Telangana issued Three Types of ration card for their citizens. These three types of ration cards are AFSC, antyodaya Anna Yojana card and FSC card. The age types of ration card colour are different from other.

White ration card holder Telangana

Under talengana scheme card holders were believe that would be given only if they take the 12 Kg rice offered by the government during lockdown. Government of Telangana directly clear that the beneficiary amount is directly sends to the beneficiary account. The control room number of civil supplies department are ringing with thousands of colors asking whether taking rice in mentally to get cash and whether the card on which rice has not been taken for a year are active or should be reactive why availing the 12 Kg rice offer.

Telangana 1500 Rupees Status

Senior officers also said that there are a lot of card holders who do not take subsidy rights given by the government of Telangana through Public Distribution system every month. These cardholders are belongs to above poverty lines and hold a white ration card. According to the sources old white card ration card holder made to avail aarogya Sri Health schemes to get free medical treatment in corporate hospitals and also to get other benefit. Then the Government of Telangana announced that it government will deactivated the ration card if candidate not get subsidy rice. Now the card holders are standing and coming to get rice and FPS dealer to keep their quota of rice after giving their thumb impression on the biometric machine.

Helpline Number

Sources said that government save a lot of money after deactivating the ration card. All the card holder sees this is an opportunity to become active card holders why availing the 12 Kg rice as well as cash offer. It is the government cash offer of 15 that is rolling the whitewashing cardholder out in drops only to get disappointed on not being given cash at the FPS.

The Government of Telangana has been taken loan down in the state till 3rd May. During this period white ration Card holder will get 12 Kg rice and rupees 1500 which will be sent to them within a few days. This is scheme will benefited approximately 2.83 Crore poor peoples in the state. Scheme government of Telangana issued rupees 2500 crore.

Telangana 1500 Rupees Registration Form

According to the sources talengana has the highest number of August ration card related among all the southern state in the last 3 years. This was repeated in the parliamentary standing committee on food consumer affairs and Public Distribution. Telangana made it to the list of top 10 states where maximum number of bogus card was was deleted. Under the targeted Public Distribution system all the state and union territory have an issue regarding National Guard to eligible applicant in conduct. White ration card to be doubt ineligible and regulation card as well as work unit in Ration card. According to the last year Telangana launched pilot project for the interstate portability of ration card between the Telangana Andhra Pradesh and between Maharashtra the project name is one Nation one card scheme.

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State civil supplies Corporation chairman Mareddy Srinivas Reddy said that the white card holder who were queueing the 12 Kg rice per unit at fair price shop need not worry about Rupees 1500 cash component as it will be deposited on their account whether they take the rice or not. The cash will be deposited with in few days. CM set 12 Kg rice and rupees 500 assistant to help the white card holder we are the brand of the lock down. Government of Telangana has started distribution from April 1st and so far.

Telangana 1500 Rupees Application Form

According to the srinivas Reddy, there are 14 lakh beneficiary all over the state have availed the rise to 17000 outlets. The cost of supplying the rise to the exchequer is around rupees 1200 crore. He also said that government has already the detail of the bank of the beneficiary and they sent of beneficiary amount directly your bank accounts. Candidates no need to worry about the beneficiary amounts.

Telangana 1500 Rupees Status: Government of Telangana also suggests for the papers the fair price shops open from 7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. All beneficiary don’t have to crowd at one place Breaking the distance. All peoples after state keep social distancing in this lockdown period. There is no hurry and the rise will be distributed even after the lockdown date. In short words government only said that’s please keep distance from others and are patience. Government also provides the span effects after the closest of the lock down period.

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