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Punjab Online Sharab Order: Punjab government announced new good news to all peoples who love liquids. Government of Punjab comes with new experiments to sale and delivery liquids online. Due to Corona virus there is a third phase of lockdown in India. In the entire situation the country economy has completely destroyed and the government tried this new way to get it back on track.

Government of Punjab announced that all liquids shops but what scene breaking the rules of social distancing. For this reason the government of Punjab has decided to sale and delivery of liquid at their homes. The Punjab government wants to experiment with online sale and delivery of liquid for the first. A new policy of the financial has a provision for sale of liquids on e-commerce sites. This project will successful than Punjab will be the first state in the country to have online delivery of liquid.

Punjab Online Sharab Order
Punjab Online Sharab Order

Government of Punjab started this project firstly only in Mohali as a trial basis. After the successful implementation of the project government provide liquid at home of needy peoples. Punjab government give relaxation in Curfew in the state for more hours from 9 a.m. to pm across the state during lockdown period short punjab government allow home delivery of liquid to avoid crowd at liquor shops. Government also appears with papers to maintain social distancing if they want to secure their life and others.

Punjab Online Sharab Order

Due to Corona virus we all stuck in our places. We can’t go anywhere without a pass. Government of Punjab has good news to all lovers of Sharab. On Thursday government has announced that to start home delivery of liquids onward during the lockdown. Government has started this project before the lock down but now finally this project took shape a couple of a day.

Important instructions

  1. The department has asked the contractor, to facilitate home delivery of Indian made for foreign liquid.
  2. Government only orders to litres for orders.
  3. Punjab Made liquids or desi Sharab would not be delivered at home.
  4. Liquid shop only opens from 9 a.m. to 1 pm.
  5. The timing for home delivery of the liquid is from 1 p.m. to 6 pm.
  6. The order of Excise and taxation department also says that the timing for home delivery of liquid will also be decided by the respective deputy commissioner.
  7. Only allow to person for delivery of liquids.
  8. They must carry card when they deliver the liquids.
  9. Even vehicle to be used is also registered.
  10. The government has made it mandatory for delivery boy to carry cash memo of the liquid to be delivered.
  11. Delivery boy must carry original bill at the time of delivery.
  12. Delivery boy must carry curfew pass when they delivered liquid.
  13. Liquid contractor who have deposited 50% of licence fees have been allowed to start operations while other have been told to deposit the fees before they can start operation.
  14. Departments also conduct the special instruction for delivery boys to maintain social distancing with customers.
  15. In Punjab, At one time not more than 5 people will allowed to stand outside or liquid shops.

Punjab Online Sharab Order: CM of Punjab captain Amrinder Singh is the first minister of Punjab who has written to union government taking permission for opening a liquid vends. Government of Punjab also said that they were losing 520 crores every month she is the lockdown as imposed. Now in Punjab alcohol delivery online is possible. Now you need to avoid standing in queue for long hours in front of alcohol shops. Keep distance with others this is very beneficial to stop this corona deadly virus.

Punjab portal for wine

Due to the loss in this lockdown period government of Punjab increase the price of per bottle from 50 to 100 rupees. Now at starting government only allow to green zone for sale and deliver alcohol at home. To check sale of illegal and smuggled liquid a maximum of 2 litre of a liquid will be allowed through home delivery only against the original bill that the delivery boy will have to carry.

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Punjab Online Sharab Order

Indrapal Singh a liquid contractor said that Ludhiana, Jalandhar, nawashehar and Kapurthala have decided not to open their shops due to Corona virus. Punjab is the first state to seek permission from the centre to opening a liquid band to store app revenue collections. The central government had rejected the proposal but later allowed to state to send liquids. Now Punjab government allows more relaxation for the peoples of the state from Monday. Government has allowed to the alcohol shop to open from 7 a.m. to pm in this state. But due to the heavy crowd government has decided the shop will open only between 9:00 a.m.to 3 pm.

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