Prochesta Prokolpo Online Apply [Application Form] Registration Here

Prochesta Prokolpo Online Apply: West bengal government announced to new scheme for the peoples of the state called prochesta prokolpo scheme. Under process schemes government provide thousand rupees per month for those people who are working on a daily wages. We all know that in our country the time has to shut down everything and the nature critical situations for only those people who work at daily wages.

Prochesta Prokolpo Online Apply
Prochesta Prokolpo Online Apply

At this time had only known that the state government and the central government have opposite the complete shutdown. In this article we have to provide all information regarding the schemes and we ask discuss here how you easily get the benefit of the scheme.

Prochesta Prokolpo Online Apply

Video Chief Minister off Mamta banarji has already announced this scheme. According to the scheme eligible people who are working on a daily basis will get 1000 rupees per month as a financial support from the government. We all know that this is a very crucial time for all who worked on a daily basis. Huge Number of the peoples in a country those have not enough money for such crucial time. Application form Huge number of people is suffering in these days and number of people they can’t eat any things in these days they sleep without eating food. Not only the daily basis but also their families are suffer in these days government has to provide some financial help for them for these days and provide them some food items to help these kinds of peoples.

Overview of the scheme

Scheme name- prochesta prokolpo
State –West Bengal
Announced by- Mamta Banerjee
Announced date- 24th March 2020
Benefit- financial assistant
Amount of benefit– 1000 rupees for labor
Beneficiaries- all the labours, unorganised sector workers

West Bengal prochesta prokolpo schemes are for help to daily wages workers. CM of west Bengal shrimati Mamta Banerjee announced this scheme for the citizens of the state. This is came is for daily wages worker. In these crucial times of covid-19 government announced the scheme for the poor peoples. India is at a crucial Jackson in its fights against covid-19. The country has responded with urgency and determination as reflected in the Prime Minister Board and decisive leadership.

West bengal government provide financial assistant for all those people who suffer in these crisis time. Government of West Bengal gives financial aid to all the wages workers and poor peoples of West Bengal who belongs to the BPL category. Government of West Bengal announced the scheme on March and the last date to implement the scheme is 30th April. All interested and eligible applicants those want to get the benefit of the schemes they have to apply through online mode for the scheme.

Benefit under prochesta scheme

  1. Financial help information people work on a daily basis will get the thousand rupees per month until the lockdown is continuing.
  2. CM Mamata Banerjee also announced low price ration under the scheme and they announce 8.5 rupees budget for this.
  3. This money is specially released to the labour to fulfill their daily needs and use this money for the necessary.
  4. Does thousand rupees financial support will be given only one time.
  5. Necessary items with the help of this money the entire beneficiary is building at the necessary items.
  6. Grocery items mamta banarji government also provide grocery items to the needy peoples in the states because huge number of people are suffer in this crucial time.
  7. Government provide one time grant for the workers and labours of the state
  8. The assistant of per month 1000 as the end force lockdown would affect the economic activities of the manual workers.
  9. Projector prakalpa scheme of West Bengal Government give thousand rupees daily wages especially for labors of the state.

Prochesta Prokolpo Online Apply

Government of West Bengal extend the lockdown period up to March 31st. She also announced prochesta scheme for the peoples of the state. Under the scheme government provide financial support to the daily base labour of the state. This is specially launched by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee for the poor peoples of the state.

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This is especially for the daily basis workers and Labour person who is doing their daily work and earn money. Due to the Corona virus spread in all over India all the state government as well as Central Government announced lockdown as well as computer in all over India. Those people who work on a daily basis and also work with MANREGA they have not enough money to fulfill their needs such as food items that is necessary. So the west bengal government announced this scheme for this kind of people who have not enough money to survive their life.

Registration Online: Click here

NOTE: The State Government also proposed to waive the Agricultural Income Tax to the tea gardens for the next two financial years 2020-21 and 2021-22. There have also been developments in the fields of education, medical and rural development across the country, including welfare work like providing scholarships to poor students and providing medical services to 72.74 lakh people through 10 hospitals and 928 medical camps.

Eligibility criteria

  • Under the scheme of government of West Bengal provide financial help to the people for first date.
  • We all know that save something for crucial times but daily base worker have not enough money to fulfill their daily needs such as food items that is very necessary for livelihood.
  • This is very clear that daily ways working people will get benefit from this scheme.
  • This scheme is only for the daily wage workers and labours of the state. This scheme is especially for labour worker, MANREGA workers, majdur, dehadi workers.
  • There are no special eligibility criteria if you want to get benefit of the scheme.
  • Only West Bengal citizens are allowed to get the benefit of the scheme.
  • Government of West Bengal announced this new project for the state government.
  • Who is in trouble and those who do not have any income sources their government will make thousand of money for their betterment.
  • Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced Lok down tired state to counter the current situation.

Online apply for Prochesta prokolpo scheme

The West Bengal government announced a one-time grant of Rs 1,000 to those working in the unorganized sector, which would be the worst hit of the lockdown. Announcing the scheme, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, “We do not have much money, because we have not received any help from the Center.He also said that interested and eligible applicants should be nominated within 15th 30th April 2020. The state government has not yet finalized the registration process. It is expected that details regarding the application process will be released soon. If you would like to get updates on this project, check out our official portal.

Every citizens of a bag Bengal are eligible to get the benefit of scheme. Anyone who is belongs to the category that is dehadi, labour, majdur, Narega workers are apply for the schemes.

Persons why interested they can apply online in between 15 April and 30th. The online portal is created by the best bengal government school interested candidate apply through online mode. This scheme is a newly launched scheme by the government so much information is not present for or the common public. There is any procedure for applying this scheme we will provide you information as soon as possible.

We hope that west bengal government will be beneficial for all. West bengal government will provide all important items to the needed peoples. We request to all the citizens of the state the government rule for this crucial time is only beneficial for you and your family. This is only for your betterment and for healthy life.

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