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Physics wallah app download: Physics wallah app is an educational app. This app is very beneficial for all those students those preparing for the government exams. The name of this app is also representing that. Akash Pandey sir has introduced this app for mobiles PC and I’Phone links. This app is especially for IIT, JEE and NEET preparation. All India students those prepared for these kind of download this app through play store. In this article we have to provide complete detail of the SAP what is the main features and what is trending and how to download and install process of this app.

All the students those download this app in your phone they have to check anytime using their email id and password. This is a totally free of cost app for all the needy students. This app is dedicated for competitive exams. In this app aso mock test is available. You can use this app for the preparations of CBSE as well as other competitive exams. In this app all study material is free of cost.

Physics Wallah App Download

Now all the students those prepare through YouTube channels with alakh Pandey sir now with the help of this app students study free with PC, Laptops, mobile and also for iPhones. Now or students those prepared for government exam they don’t have to worry for the different applications to do their preparations. All the educational materials regarding IIT, JEE and NEET is provided in this app.

Physics wallah app details

Name of the appphysics wallah app
Popular name known asphysics wallah alakh Pandey app
Beneficial foreveryone
App categoryfree educational apps for IIT, JEE and Neet preparation
APK size8.4 MB

This is a free educational app

  1. All students those who want to get the study materials of class 10th 11th and class 12th and also IIT, JEE and NEET exam from this app.
  2. In this app, also available physics video lectures and also chemistry video lecture.
  3. With the help of video lectures students can learn education as well as through reading.
  4. Study material of this app is totally free.
  5. You just need to download this app from the Play Store and candidate learns from them very easily.
  6. If you want to download this app then you are so need your valid mobile number when you installed this App in your phone.
  7. In this app live test is also available and students can participate in this test to evaluate him/ her.
  8. This app is also downloading in PC.

Physics wallah app also provides materials according to the syllabus and exam. Are provided by which is worked in a domain of IIT, JEE and NEET. The cherry on top is bad at the end of assignment you get solutions too. In this app house full study materials for students which not only cover the syllabus but also match of with the study material of highly decorated and highly priced institutes.

App Link : Check here

Features of the physics Wallah alakh panday app

  1. This physics wallah app is a educational app for all the students of the country.
  2. With the help of this app the student can prepare free of cost for IIT, JEE and NEET preparation.
  3. Candidates can collect the materials of 11th 12th class from this app.
  4. In this app also available practice test
  5. With the help of this app students can prepare better for their IIT ,JEE and NEET exam.
  6. In this app students can participate in live classes through the video lectures.
  7. In this app test series are also available and students can also buy test series and notes for better exam preparations.
  8. In this app students can also earn points by invite friends through this app.
  9. These earn point’s candidate use to redeem offers.
  10. To getting any help students also contact with app owner.
  11. This facility is also available in this app.

How to download physics wallah app

  1. Firstly needy student visit Google Play store and search “physics wallah app”.
  2. Now you need to install this app to click on the install button.
  3. Click on new users and enter your name contact details email id and also password.
  4. Now click on the submit button and your account is now successfully made.

Huge numbers of students in the country those can’t afford money for higher education. So this app convert to all money should never be the obstacle in the path of achieving their dreams. With the help of Alakh Pandey app millions of students have studied. Alakh Pandey has also provide study materials on their YouTube channels they provide lectures of Physics and Chemistry for board exams they JEE, NEET and advanced level.

Physics Wallah App Download
Physics Wallah App Download

App Download: Click here

On the demands of students alakh Pandey has also develop their websites for mobile app which provides not and assignments of high quality for the students also add to their preparations. In YouTube channel there is a approximately 2.8 million subscribers. Huge numbers of Subscribers not only India but also from Pakistan Bangladesh and Nepal student. All request to create their own app now this app is available for all. Now all the students study with us App frees of cost and also provides notes on affordable price for the students and also they provide quality content at nominal fees.

Main Facilities in this app

Online test platform
Online learning platform
Dedicated study zone
MIP questions
Worksheet for Maths Physics
Last 10 years questions
Syllabus of different exams
Video lectures
Mock test
Online test
Exam pattern
Live classes

The j e entrance exam is the ultimate test for any Engineering aspirant in India. Good news is with dedicated preparation using the right resources one can crack the exam. This is the best resource for any students who are preparing for these kinds of exams. With the help of this app you can earn points to share with other peoples you can also unlock content for study.

physics wallah email id

This is a very useful and helpful for all the students need to study higher. In this app you can get study material for smart learning. Ask the questions and clear your doubt quickly e facility is also available in this app. In this app you can get advance test for all units’ chapters and topics. If you want to enhance your study and preparations for JEE mains 2021 then this is the best way to improve your study with the help of your device. Yes, you’re smart phone will help you to crack JEE exam. For variance exam this app is very useful. This app includes audio videos questions fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions for the preparations of different competitive exams.

Any query regarding article than ask in below comment box. We all wish to you to successful in your competitive exam.

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