One Nation One Card Registration Online “Center Government Scheme” Helpline Number

One Nation One Card Registration Online: Here is the great news for all the people of India. As you all India is on lockdown in this situation the biggest problem is to give food and the basic necessary things for the poor peoples. A huge number of people are migrated from different of India to the different stats. This migration is only because the daily worker did not get food. Some of the migrant think that they are happy if they infected from corona but not want to get dead because of hungriness. So as you all know that the center government is planning to implement one nation one ration card.

Major Benefit of the Scheme:

  1. Due to this scheme all the indian have only one card.This will cover up 135 crores Indians.
  2. All the benefit given by the center government is directly provided to every citizen of Indian.

One Nation one card Registration Yojana: Pradhanmantri Shri Narendra Modi announced new card for the peoples of the state of this is carding one Nation one card and it also known as national common mobility card. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has announced this in the public transport. One Nation one card while inaugurating the first phase of Ahmedabad metro train in Gujarat. The main objectives to launch this card government want it the payment system easier for common people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the mobility card yesterday at Ahmedabad metro train station of 6.5 kilo-metre stretch as the first launch. With this card we can pay multiple transport charges withdraw money and pay your shopping bills. With the help of this card it eliminates the issues regarding standing in ticket window in bus train and other transport places.

One Nation one card Registration

After the launch of “one Nation one tax” that is GST now, the government has launched “one Nation one card” on 4th March 2019. This one Nation one card or we can say National common mobility card is a part of make in India Company and the projects of Government of India. This initiative was conceived by the Ministry of housing and urban affairs Government of India. Bharat Electronic Limited has created The Reader prototype of this card.

One Nation one card overview

Scheme name- one Nation one card
Announced by- pradhanmantri Shri Narendra Modi
Beneficiary’s- peoples of the state
Category- onoc scheme info one Nation one card
Apply -conceived by Ministry of housing and urban affairs Government of India
Type of the card- national common mobility card
Developed by- national payment Corporation of India
Launch- 4th March 2019
Beneficiary- Indian citizens
Benefit- to provide connectivity between various modes of transport

Main features of one Nation one card

  1. Bank issued standard and secured payment method based on dual interfaces EVM and standard.
  2. Vendor agnostic ecosystem and same card can be used across all operators. Provision of stored value card which can be assessed offline and speed up transaction
  3. Service area on card for storage of monthly passes tickets and financial inclusion product.
  4. Based on open loop and can be used on all POS/ ATM machine in contact less contact mode.

Benefits of the scheme

  1. One Nation one card is simple card for variance transaction.
  2. With the help of this card user can make payment through various segments such as for transit, paratransit smart cities retail shopping and etc. With the help of this card user will get various benefits such as travelling through various mode of shopping and retail store and also withdraw money from the ATM.
  3. This card will provide increase mobility and seamless travel experience to the customers.
  4. This card is an open a loop smart cards and user also get various benefits like a reward loyalty points cashback and etc.
  5. We also say that one Nation one card is a smart and advanced version of metro smart card.
  6. Beneficiaries can travel through various main of transport and can use it at various payment terminals.
  7. This card is totally secured with EMV technology.
  8. EMV is one of the globally available and adopted Technologies for safeguarding transaction against fraud.

One Nation One Card Registration

The idea of the national common mobility card is to bring all the public transport to one plate form and contact them. We all know that public transport is a very useful and comfortable transport for all over India. If you have already this card then you pay any kind of transport fees easily offline. As this card is valid anywhere in India it is also known as one Nation one card. PM also said that this is useful in all over country and it is announced that the card run on the RuPay card and this will help you pay the fear at the automatic collection system for the transport toll and parking services.

One Nation One Card Registration
One Nation One Card Registration

One Nation one card Registration Online

Government of India has already announced that if we have old ration card then we do not need for a new ration card because government has launched the new card it’s called one Nation one card Yojana. Just like the concept of GST customer do not have to pay any kinds of taxes in the various platform they just have to pay GST similarly government has issue new card one Nation one card with the help of this card customer can make payment of travel fare and other utilize just with a single card at any transport mode. With the help of this card huge number of benefit for the common people.

Important points of one Nation one card

This card is powered and enabled through the mechanism of the rupay card. It is supported by an Indian ingeniously 12 open a lock automatic fare collection system known as speaker and an automatic fare collection Gate Swagat, with the help of difficult people travel country in metro. Discard if used in a city bus metro to Railway BRT etc and also for shopping at retail shop and merchants. Along with SBI and other banks RuPay card can be issued from Paytm payment Bank. It is a contact fewer cards with the help of national common mobility card citizens can also pay for tolls and parking. One Nation one card holder can also use this card at Discover and dinner Club international merchants and ATMs. Card holder can also avail cashback of 10% at merchant outlet and 5% at ATM when they travel abroad. For offline payment you can store balance on this card.

Registration Online: Click here

With the help of this card citizens can pay fare metro fare parking fees toll taxes retail shopping and can even withdraw money and also operator transport card is useful in many places. As an Indian we have to face many problems regarding travelling because I have to wait for a long queue for getting tickets carrying cash and many other such things now with the help of this card these all problems are resolved.

Needs one Nation one card

  1. In our daily life of transport play a very important role in our life. The country develops an AFC system within the country under the make in India initiative.
  2. Under the schemes one Nation one card online the Government of India want to provide a single card for all the digital transaction.The purpose of this card, to allow people to travel hassle free on the bus, train and Metro.
  3. The main benefit of this card was to SS in Metro was local train services and in any city without waiting in a line to buy a ticket.
  4. The one Nation one card launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  5. It Is a Rupee contact less card.
  6. You will have to contact your bank to get the RuPay card.
  7. One Nation one card is issued from bank on debit credit prepaid card product platform.

One Nation One Card Helpline Number

A customer can use the single card in various fields such as buses, railways, toll, parking, smart cities and also for the retail shopping. Discard can also be issued from Paytm payment Bank. Discard also Allow the beneficiary to withdraw money apart from the payment option.

One Nation one card Registration: It is a core of any transit operator to automate the fear collection process. In order to showcase the entire NCMC ecosystem for Digital fair collections the complete SAP system has been displayed on Delhi Metro Rail Corporation at a few stations for field trial purpose.

Steps to apply for One Nation one card

The officials have announced that these cards are bank issued car on debit credit prepaid card for product platform. This card is similar to the RuPay card which is a contactless card. One Nation one card is also same as the Metro Rail Smart Card what with old transport and withdrawal facility in the start. If we want this one Nation one card then we visit the nearest bank branch in order to associate the RuPay card with the national common mobility card.

Official Website: Click here

Frequently asked question

Q. What is a one Nation one card Yojana in India?

Ans. One Nation one card is simply mean of single card for various transactions all over the India.

Q. How we get this one Nation one card?

Ans. You will get this card from your nearest bank and you also open your Paytm payment bank and get this card.

Q What is the benefit of one Nation one card?

Ans. One Nation one card to be used to provide cash back on bill payment, It provide 5% cashback at ATM and it also provide 10% cashback at merchant outlet

Q Where we can use one Nation one card?

Ans. We can use this card In a Metro Bus urban Railways toll parking and also in a retail shopping.

Dear readers this is the information of one Nation one card for more information you have to comment in below section.

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