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Kerala work near home scheme: Government of Kerala has announced new scheme for the peoples of the state called “Kerala work near home” scheme. This Year of 2020, scheme launched by the government of Kerala. Under the schemes government will ensure proper working facilities to all the employees near their homes. We all know that due to corona virus we need to stay at home and work near the home is the best solutions to control this virus. Government of Kerala has now decided to launch this kind of scheme for the peoples. Under the schemes government will make arrangements similar on the office at a Centre nearest to the house of employees in this corona virus period.

The state governments of Kerala have provided facility to employees in various IT and non IT companions. Huge numbers of peoples want to work near their homes. People also agree with these kinds of scheme it will require arranging Kerala work near home facility. Centers would be facilitated to allow operations of multiple companions and workings of employees. In the first page of project around hundred words near who centers would be established in operations and municipality limits.

Kerala government scheme detail

  • Scheme name- Kerala work near home
  • Announced by- government of Kerala
  • Launched by- Pinarayi Vijayan
  • Beneficiaries- peoples of the state
  • Benefit- in this coronavirus time people’s work near their home
  • Implementation of the scheme- october 2020

Key features of the scheme

  1. Under this scheme the resort and houseboat will be taken over to convert as work near home centers.
  2. This state government has already started Move to kerala companions in which IT Park have started a survey.
  3. The survival shows the opinions of the employees and companions on work near home scheme.
  4. In the first phase of the skin around hundred works near home Centre would be established in corporations and municipality Limited.
  5. Notification for tender for acquired building in Kerala will be issued within two weeks.

Kerala Work Near Home: Government is preparing a detailed project after selecting of situation buildings and interior of each building would be similar under the scheme. The buildings which are going too constructed under the schemes would have at least 5000 square feet areas. Use numbers of companions in the states of Kerala those expressed their interest in becoming a part of the scheme work near homes. But currently search centres can be acquired for low rent as compared to the rent of it parks in Kerala.

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In the states of Kerala videos small companions would be benefited with Kerala work near home scheme. Use this facility in the first phase and occupy space in IT Parks later. It is reported that several known it companion have also Express interest in the work near home facility. The state government will provide facility to employees in various IIT and NIT companions.

Kerala Work Near Home Scheme

Corona virus is a deadly virus and day by day affected by corona virus peoples are continuously increased. The work near home facility will come into force from the month of October 2020. In this period social distancing is much important than anything if we want to save our life. Under the scheme employees can work near their home place and they will not have to travel at for the distance through bus, train and other transport mode which may be fatal.

Kerala Work Near Home
Kerala Work Near Home

Interest rate of Kerala the revenue loss of rupees 4500 crore in the past three months. The planning commission had estimated that the industry would lose at least 26000 direct and 80,000 indirect jobs in the next quarter. Firstly chief minister of Kerala pinarayi Vijayan said that” the idea of work near home for peoples to be able to work at a nearby facility while the state is still at risk of covid-19 pandemic. This idea comes from the information technology parks in the state what it will be implemented for non IT sector as well.

Kerala Fibre Optic Network 

According to the technopark chief executive officer Sasi pilacheri Meethal,” when the pandemic broke out in Kerala bent into lockdown we like the rest of the world, resorted to working from home. In the first month it worked out pretty well and the productivity to prove good. Subsequently however there was a DIP in productivity and the moral of the employees also seems to be lesser. In addition there were the issue of electricity and internet connection getting broken.

Kerala Work Near Home Online Form

This is the main reason behind this idea have come in the minds of governments of Kerala. In the initial stage government planning to implement in the hundred town across the state. With 5000 square feet of a co working space in each town. There are 87 Municipal parties and 6 corporations in Kerala. Added to that 7 Motown will have the facility said Chief Executive Office “Sasi pilacheri Meethal”.

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The interiors will be designed by the institute of Indian interior designer. Standard operating procedure is also being put in place. While it is a co working space a single company and Reserve a whole compartment for multiple seat together. Surveys Are So being conducted among the employees to understand their interest in such a scheme. 95% of employees are in favor of a mix of work near home and work from home facility.

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