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KERALA KSEB FREE INTERNET CONNECTION SCHEME/Kerala Free Internet Scheme 2020: Kerala government announced good news all the people of the state. We all know that internet is how many important for our generation. Today we can do any online trisection without internet. Modi government also decided to enhance the younger generation and give them knowledge of internet. The main purpose of the scheme to benefit the poor families in the state of Kerala. We all know that in Kerala there is a hundred percent literacy rate. So we can say that in Kerala every child and old age people will be educated. Now government decides a new miracle in the state with the help of this scheme. This plan is to establish a new optic fiber Network and Wi-Fi state according to the statement.

Kerala government provide internet to the Peoples who can’t afford internet because of their financial condition. Kerala government also declares that internet is human rights and is it must provide for every human in the state. According to the state government everyone should need to access the internet it. All BPL families among the school, shelter, homes and also government offices will be conducted with high speed internet connections. The tender of the project under Bharat Electronics Limited.

Kerala Free Internet Scheme 2020

Kerala government approved rupees 1548 crore for this scheme. In the month of November 2019 government announced the scheme for the peoples of the state. The main purpose to launch this to connect people with technology. This is scheme mainly to the poor peoples. They not have enough money to connect their PC and phone with the internet. Students must need internet for their study. With the help of the internet you can also take a crash course for any competitive examination. Internet is a most important requirement for the peoples and also the students in every state of India.

Kerala government accepts to increase their high speed connectivity of the internet. This is dedicating for poor people scheme. Fiber optic network project to provide free high speed internet. There would be approximately around 20 lakh family of the state. In the state internet service provider and cable television operation can also join the optic fiber network to provide service. According to the government this decisions open the possibility for Kerala to take a giant leave in the IT sector with major opportunity in artificial intelligence and startup domains.

Kerala Free Internet Scheme Application Form

Kerala government mainly benefited by this scheme is BPL candidates. Cabinet approves this scheme on 7th November 2019 for the peoples of the state. The implementing bodies of the scheme are Kerala State Electricity Board and Kerala state it Infrastructure Limited. With the help of the schemes government wants to benefit approximately 20 lakh families of the state. This scheme is completed in the month of December 2020. With the help of 1548 crore rupees the scheme will implemented for the state people.

Registration Online/Beneficiary List

A huge number of money spends on the scheme for successful implementing in the state.

Kerala government firstly benefited the under poverty line peoples card BPL. There are approximately 20 lakh families around the state. Who will firstly get the free Internet, that family who has financial condition but not belongs to BPL families that also provide for free internet under subsidized condition. In the state cover with the schemes every government officer’s colleges and also the school. In the state there will be approximately 30,000 locations will be connected with this high-speed broadcast.

Kerala Free Internet Scheme: This internet provided by the government in at the lowest price. There is a two companion concerned with this project in the state. Companion having internet service provider license can use the optical fiber network to provide the service in the state people. Dear guys do you know that this network can also be used before another cable TV Network. The main motives of the schemes to improve the information technology among the peoples. Also improve technology in educational sector institutes and also airports.

Kerala government’s main object to provide internet for every household. Kerala government officially implement of the schemes after December 2020. According to the finance ministers of Thomas government with the help of the schemes give a benefit for 2 million poor household of the state. Government also promised with peoples at the time of elections for free internet for to millions poor household in the state. Approximately 30,000 government of through the high speed network in the state. According to the statements there is only 20% mobile tower in the states are connected through Optical Fiber networks. This is a great scheme for the state.

Free internet connection registration

All the interested and eligible peoples of the state can apply for the scheme. But at last Government employees has decided to the beneficiary peoples. At that time there is a not any clear information regarding how to registration for this scheme. Only probability that the department will automatically select the beneficiary candidate for free internet connections in the state. Very soon the government announced how to apply for the schemes. When government announced that our team will help those people who want to search the registration process online. We provide each and every information regarding this scheme in our website.

Frequently asked questions by the candidates

What is the official name of Kerala free internet connection scheme?
Ans: The name is Kerala fiber optic network.

Who organized the scheme for the Kerala people?
Ans: Kerala State Electricity Board and Kerala state it Infrastructure Limited.

Kerala free internet connection beneficiary?
Ans: Beneficiary peoples those belongs to BPL families. Government covered approximately 20 lakh families with this scheme.

All those people who are bed for the schemes and want to take a benefit of the schemes they must read the full information before to apply for the scheme. When government announced any information regarding the free internet connections, then we are also providing here in our website. So guys please regularly visit in our website to know more about the scheme. Guys if you have any questions regularly strike in your mind then ask in a comment box below.

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