ISRO Cyberspace Competition Online Registration and Application Form

ISRO cyberspace competition: ISRO is holder competition for school students. All interested students participate in this competition 2020. We all know that the full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Organization. ISRO is the space agency of the Government of India and has its headquarters in the city of Bengaluru. Authority of ISRO announced in the press that ICC- 2020 online competition will involve drawing competition for class 1st to 10th.

All interested and eligible candidates apply for the registrations. Candidate participates in the given competitions according to their class. Interested Student Must registers themselves in the official websites of ISRO. ISRO authority conducted online competitions. In four sections this competition has been divided that is for class 1st to 3rd students, for class 4th to 8th students, class 9th to 10th students in class 11th to 12th students. Competition level is also different for different class students.

ISRO Cyberspace Competition

  • For class 1st to 3rd students- drawing competitions
  • For class 4th to 8th students- model making competition
  • For class 9th and 10th- essay competition
  • For class 11th and 12th- essay competition is organized with space Quiz Contest in Hindi and English

Brief description of the competition

Drawing competition:-

  1. For class 1st to 3rd class students
  2. Topic of the competition will be send on the registered email and also available on the official website.
  3. Mention your registration number on the top right corner of the drawing paper.
  4. Mentioning the participant name, school name etc, on the drawing paper shall make the entry invalid.
  5. For drawing use A3 size white paper or chart paper.
  6. Use water wax or pencil color for drawing.
  7. Parents should click clear photographs of scan the drawings and upload it to given link on the ISRO website.
  8. Photographs only in .pdf and .jpeg format will be accepted.
  9. The file name should be the registration number on the participant.

Model making:-

  1. For class 4th to 8th students
  2. Topic of the competition will be send on email ID
  3. The model is too made with cardboard paper, cloths, adhesives tape, colors and gums.
  4. Once done 1 to 4 photographs of the model from different angle must be clicked and uploaded.
  5. Registration number must mentions in the top right corner
  6. Do not need to mention the name or school detail of the participants.
  7. Submission has to be made in.pdf format only.
  8. Mention the registration number as the name of the file while sending the email.

Essay writing competition:-

  1. For class 9th and 10th
  2. The topic of the competition will be send a registered email ID and also available on website.
  3. Participants need to write the essay in Hindi or English reflected during registration.
  4. What’s limit essay of up to 2000 words.
  5. A Typed essay will not be accepted.
  6. Use A4 sheet to write the essay.
  7. Participants to use blue or black ball ink pen only.
  8. Mention the registration number on the top light corners of the first page of the essay.
  9. Do not mention the participant name, school name etc.
  10. Do not copy the text from Internet or any other Web Services doing so will also lead to disqualification.
  11. Click clear photo of essay and convert it into a single PDF file and submit.
  12. Put the name of the file as your registration number.

Key Points of the ISRO Cyberspace Competition

ISRO Cyberspace Competition
ISRO Cyberspace Competition
  1. Unique registration number will be generated and provided to each student against successful registration.
  2. One student can register and participate in only one competition.
  3. The name of the submission from the Student will be the same as the name of the registration number.
  4. ISRO will provide participation certificate through email to all participants’ students.
  5. Unique registration number will be generated and provide each students against successful registration.
  6. One student can register and participate in only one competition.
  7. The name of the submission from the students will be the same as the name of the registration number.
  8. There are a no participation fees for ICC 2020 competition.
  9. There is no travel involve in a participating in the ICC 2020.
  10. Increase the result waited for academic year 2019-20 the participants will be deemed as having already passed the examination and has been enrolled in the next grade.
  11. Only one registration per person is allowed.

ISRO Cyberspace Competition: The Indian Space Research Organization has decided to organized ISRO cyberspace competitions 2022 nurture the young minds. All interested and eligible students must read all the instructions that issued by the authority of ISRO. In this article we have to provide complete details regarding this competition how you participate in this competition and what are the important criteria for that we all discussed here.

Objectives of the competition

  1. Objectives of the competition enhance the knowledge of the school students on space science and technology.
  2. With the help of the competition ISRO ignite young Minds in the country.
  3. ISRO conductor competitions for school students write from class one to twelve across the country.
  4. ISRO aims to tap the creativity, inquisitiveness, innovative harnessing and unbound imagination of school students towards Science and Technology thought ICC 2020.

ISRO Cyberspace Competition Eligibility criteria

  1. School students are eligible to get participate in the competitions.
  2. Candidate need to apply first if they want to participate in ISRO competitions 2020.
  3. This competition is open for school students studying in India.
  4. All competitions are individual event.
  5. Students will need to show their identity card issued by your school for the current academic year to take part in the competition.

According to the official notifications” during the present scenario when all the outreach program was related to space science and technologies are apparently on heart this cyberspace based competition front runner in motivating the students community concept and boundless mysteries in the space science and technology domains”.

Important documents

Aadhar card
Identity card issued by your school
Bonafide certificate
Passport size photographs
Valid email ID

ISRO Cyberspace Competition: According to the quality online registration has been started for all the school students across the country. During the covid-19 challenging times physical meetings are impossible ISRO planned to play unifies was for the young Minds of a country by involving them in various online competition. This competition is conducted completely online as physical travel of the student to different place needed to be avoided under the current situation.

Important dates

Online registration started- june 2020
Last date for registration- 24 June 2020

ISRO competition registration 2020

  1. First of all interested and eligible students need to visit ISRO site.
  2. In the home page you have to see a link” click to register” click on the given link.
  3. A new page will open in front of you need to enter name valid email address and captcha code.
  4. Now click on generate one time passwords.
  5. At last cross check all the detail that you fill in the form before clicking on the final submission button.
  6. Note down your registration number as it will be required in future.

Online Registration: Click here

So all interested students apply for competitions very easily. After the final submission of the registration process, the name of top 500 students will be announced on ISRO website and the marriage certificate will be sent by email/post. All other participants will receive a participation certificate through email ID. Dress competition will be in the line towards the idea of digital India and aim to tap the creativity school students to bad space science and technologies. It also motivates students to explore the concept and boundless mysteries in the space science and technology domains.

Helpline number

If you want to ask some information regarding the competitions then ask with the help of below contact number.
Contact number of ISRO office- 080 2351 5850

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