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Gujarat government has announced a new scheme for the girls child of the state. The scheme name is gujarat vahli Dikri Yojana . Under the scheme the central government will provide educational help for the girls child of the state. The state government provide education incentive of rupees 1 lakh to first and also the second girl child of the family. All the interested candidates of Gujarat can apply for the given scheme for there girl child.

According to CM, every daughter born in the state has got Rs 4 thousand at the time of admission in fourth grade, Rs 6 thousand at the time of admission in ninth grade and one lakh for higher education and marriage in the 18th year under the ‘Whali Dikari’ scheme. Assistance of rupees will be provided by the state government.

Description regarding scheme

Yojana name- vahali dikri yojana
Announced by- CM Nitin Patal
State – gujraat
Total budget- 133 crore
scheme for- first two girls child

The main motive of the government to improve the birth rate of the girls and will strong the status of the girls in the society. Gujarat government want to improve the girls education and it also improve the status of the girls. Because we already know that the poor families can’t afford the educational fees so the girl child suffer with this problem. So the government want to decide to launch the given scheme for the girl child of the state.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana:-

Under the scheme, financial assistance of Rs.1 lakh will be provided by the government to the girl’s completion of 18 years for the development of girls by the government, so that their further education and future will be secured. To reach the benefit of this scheme to all the families, a budget of about 133 crore has been set by the government.

ગુજરાત વાહાલી દીકરી યોજના આપેલ રકમ

The state in the budget on Tuesday allocated rupees 133 crore for the scheme. Under this scheme 100000 review provided to the first and second daughter of the family. The scheme dedicate for those girl who belongs to poor families with income below 200000 in years. The main objective of the schemes to improve the girl child birth . Government give the cash incentive, education for girl is good. Chief ministers and that birth of a girl child in the state is welcome and no case can female foeticide be tolerated. This is totally beneficial for girl child.

વર્ગમાં પ્રથમ નોંધણી રૂ. 4,000 આપવામાં આવશે.
ધોરણ 9 માં બીજા ક્રમાંકન રૂ. 6,000 આપવામાં આવશે.
18 વર્ષની ઉંમરે રૂ. 1,00,000 આપવામાં આવશે.

Gujarat government want to show that every girl child must we educate. The government will offer a financial support for those parents they receive the amount to send their girl child in the school. Under the schemes Gujarat government promised of rupees 110000 to every applicant who become a registered as beneficiary. The fill amount deposit in the beneficiary account in three installment. So this game games to improve girl child ratio and also promote girl education in the state of Gujarat.

Benefit of the scheme:-

There are huge number of benefit under this scheme. If you want to get the information all about the Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana then read all the link give bellow.

  1. The government promoted to improve the sex ratio of the girl child in the state.
  2. Government want to reduce that dropoud rate in education and also prevent child marriage.
  3. According to the government of Gujarat when the daughter become an adult there will be a large amount of money for higher education and her marriage.So the scheme is helpful for these families.
  4. Vahali Dikri Yojana is scheme for girls for education.
  5. The government of Gujarat is specially for focusing on the girls education

NOTE:-The main motive of the government to improve the sex ratio of the girl child in the state. At present the sex ratio in this state is 883 girls per thousand boys.

Gujrat Yojana…

Eligibility criteria:

  • applicant must have the adhar card.
  • candidates must have the resident og gujraat state.
  • The girls child must belongs to a poor family.
  • This 100000 assistant amount would be provided when the girl child become 18 years.
  • The daughter of the first two children will be eligible to get benefit of the scheme.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana Online Application Form

Gujarat vahali degree Yojana is announced by Gujarat government. Under this scheme government will provide financial assistance to the girl child. Gujarat government empowers the girl child with the help of the scheme. The government also promotes girls education. Beneficiary will get 4000 in the first installment and in the second installments beneficiary will get 6000. Beneficiary child will get 100000 at the times of 18 years old. This scheme is for first two girl child of the family.

Vahali degree Yojana is for permanent residence of Gujarat girl child. The biggest suspense regarding the scheme is the application procedure. Under the schemes government will pay three times financial support to the parents of girls. The application form of Gujarat vahali dikri yojana accepted through online and offline mode. All categories girl child are eligible to get the benefits of the scheme.

Regarding amount information :-

  • First and environment in class first that was earlier intervention part rupees 4000.
  • Second enrollment in the class of 9th and the amount under bahali Dikri Yojana is rupees 6000.
  • Attaining of 18 years of the age the amount under vahali Dikri Yojana is rupees 100000.

સરકારની આ પહેલ ગરીબ પરિવારોની કન્યાઓના ભવિષ્યને વધુ તેજસ્વી કરશે જેમાં તેમની શિક્ષણ સુધારવામાં આવશે. સરકાર આ યોજના પર 133 કરોડ ખર્ચ કરશે જેમાં પ્રત્યેકને યોગ્ય શિક્ષણ માટે રૂ. 1 લાખની આર્થિક સહાય અને દરેક પાત્ર ગરીબ પરિવારના 2 કન્યાઓના લગ્ન આપવામાં આવશે.

So guys there is a few steps and you can easily fill your application form at home. Helpline number of the given scheme is released very soon by the authority so you can touch with us for more information. And guys if you face any trouble to download or to fill application form then you can comment in the comment section.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana Registration process:-

  1. To register for the given scheme you must visit the official website of the given scheme or Click here
  2. In the given page you can see a link Gujarat vahli Dikri Yojana.
  3. After clicking on the given link you can see a new page and thus is the application form
  4. Fill carefully the application form in the application form you can fill your name, aadhar card number, address, phone number, email id and many others detail.
  5. At last click on the submit button.

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