Curfew pass application form & Helpline Number (India Lockdown)

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The most important information about the lockdown is that the curfew pass. A huge number of people want a curfew pass. Now they don’t have any worry about the passes. You can get the pass from here by fill up the application form which is released by the government of India.

Curfew pass online

As you all know that due to the Corona virus the whole country was in a lockdown. Prime minister said that to fight against this most dangerous virus be have only one option that is to stay home up with their families. The curfew passes is submitted only for the selected peoples liker us the media person, doctors, nurses etc.

Curfew pass application form

Curfew pass application form
Curfew pass application form

Curfew pass application form: There are some steps to fill the application for to get the curfew passes. Buy follow these steps you will easily get the the card. By show this card to anyone you can go anywhere in the country.

  1. You have to visit the official website of the Government of India.
  2. You will also get the curfew passed from the DCP of your area.
  3. After visit the official website go to the curfew passes application form link.
  4. Application form very carefully.
  5. In the application form you have to fill up your name, your state name your profession and other detail.
  6. All the details in the application form are mandatory. You have to fill up all this by your owns.
  7. After fill up all the detail find me submit the application form and wait for the next process,

Document needed to get the the curfew pass

as you all know that the curfew passes only for the selected peoples of this country. So this person are very important to go out home. To get the curfew card some of the document are needed.

  • press card
  • Doctor card
  • Safai Karamchari card
  • labour card

Punjab curfew Helpline Number

NOTE: Delhi-based private organisations engaged in essential services may need to obtain curfew passes from the office of the DCP in which the organisation is located.

Where you will get the curfew pass offline

  • vt organisations located outside Delhi
  • Gurgaon, Manesar: Visit DCP office, southwest district Vasant Vihar
  • Faridabad: DCP office, southeast district, Sarita Vihar
  • Ghaziabad: DCP office Shahdara district, Shalimar Park
  • Noida: DCP office, east district, IP extension Mandawali
  • Sonipat: DCP office, outer-north district, Samaipur Badli
  • Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar: DCP office outer district, Pitampura

Curfew pass application form Online

Curfew passes are to be used only when a curfew has been imposed and can only be used for work associated with the business to which it has been granted. Please note that the VI Police Department is authorized to deny any individual, including those holding curfew passes, access to certain areas for safety and security reasons, and is also authorized to confiscate curfew passes when necessary.

Important Information to attach Photograph

NOTE: Photos must be taken against a light colored (preferably white) background. Employees may not wear hats, scarves, sunglasses, headphones or Bluetooth cellphone devices. Digital photos are NOT required for businesses that provide employees with identification badges.

Delhi state government has started to issue an electronic curfew pass, known as an e-pass which will be available during the 21-day lockdown period due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.People who wish to apply will simply need to share the required information at along with the relevant documents of identity and the essential service as the case may be 

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