Yojana Helpline: How to avoid scams

April 20, 2022 0 Comments

Make sure you stay safe from scams by learning all about the tips here at Yojana Helpline. Find out more to avoid them as well when you read this article. The first tip to be safe from scams is  Don’t Send Your Money To Anyone Unless They Have Proof Their Name And Address!

If they don’t have this proof, it’s almost certain they aren’t who they say they are and therefore it’s dangerous for you to send your money to them. You could get robbed, … or … even murdered. Another way this can happen is, they send your money to someone else who then sends it to a bad guy. This is a common scam and usually happens like this: Good Guy (A) Writes A Goodie Bag Full Of Tips And Free Reports On How To Lose Weight And Get Healthy And sends it to Goodie Bag Addict (B). Bad Guy (C) Is Looking For A Goodie Bag Addict To Send His Money To. When He Finds Him, He Takes Everything From The Goodie Bag Addict (B) And Then Takes Off With All The Money Sent To Him By Goodie Bag Addict (A). Remember I told you in last month’s newsletter about the “unsweetened scam” where the scammer gets a percentage of every sale he makes? Well, this is one of those deals. Except, in this case the scammer is getting a percentage of every transaction he causes.

Second is to Avoid Scammers At All Costs! Here’s a short list of some of the ways scammers try to get your money:

1. They send an “anonymous” letter telling you that you’ve won something and demanding that you pay “taxes” or “customs” or “duties” to claim your prize. Always assume (unless you know differently) that any letter which starts with words like “Dear Friend”, “Dear Subscriber”, “Dear Occupant” or “Dear Resident” was not sent by someone you know personally. NEVER send money to anyone who tries to blackmail you like this. Simply ignore such a letter and, if it continues to bother you, report it to the authorities. (File a complaint with your local post office or phone the FTC.

2. Scammers often send out “bulk” emails which appear to be from someone you know. They do this for two reasons: 

3. To get you to read their message, thus increasing the chances you will give them your email address so they can continue to contact you; and 

4. To get you to give them your bank details so they can drain your bank account.

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