Yojana Helpline: Why all countries need to have suicide hotlines

November 26, 2021 0 Comments

It is good that mental health illness and its issues are prevalent in today’s society unlike in the past, where it is often shunned. Due to this movement, most of the world’s population are now more mindful about their mind’s conditions. However, not everyone is getting the help they need which causes death due to suicide. This is one of the many reasons suicide hotlines need to be established as a helpful commodity for the people. To further explain, here are its other reasons:

  1. Call for help

Suicide hotlines are always prepared to help everyone in need. This encourages everyone to use it in case they do not have anyone to talk to about their burdens. Consequently, this can prevent them from taking their own lives. In a way, sharing their burdens with someone is a form of relief that can give them hope for life.

  1. It diminishes mental illness stigma

Even though mental illness is a sensitive topic, there are still stigmas around it. Unfortunately, if one is mentally ill, people would look at them as if they were crazy, which should not be the case. With suicide hotlines being established, this will erase this mindset and teach the people that it is part of human nature to experience such illness.

  1. Immediate access to medical treatment

Suicide hotlines can help people by providing a list of hospitals with available psychologists. These professionals can determine what treatment you may need as well as the measures you can take in case of emergencies. With this kind of help, people are one step closer to getting better and beating their illness. Besides that, it will also give a sense of importance to their feelings, which can reduce the feeling of loneliness and misunderstanding.

  1. Free to use

The best thing about suicide hotlines is that everyone can call the provided number for free. This means that you can contact them at any time of the day, which is good for emergencies. Additionally, the people who answer your call are trained professionals that can guide you with whatever you may be experiencing.

  1. Provides a safe space

Everyone needs a safe space to vent out all the things that are bothering them. Fortunately, suicide hotlines provide this to encourage people to release negative stress from their minds. That is why talking about your feelings is never taken lightly since it does a lot of help for the mind. 

Since not all countries have suicide hotlines, there are alternatives that you can do to fight mental illness. Here are the following ways you can do so:

  • Talk to a friend
  • Contact a medical professional
  • Join mental support groups
  • Visit health centres that provide programs about mental health

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