Who and what are government schemes for?

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Yojana Helpline: Who and what are government schemes for?

India is one of the poorest countries in the world. Poverty is its biggest challenge and they have been facing it for decades. The course of action that the government made in order to resolve or alleviate the problem is through their schemes. 

Government schemes are strategic plans that aim to mitigate socio-economic problems that the citizens go through each day but that’s a broad description of it.

For you to get a better understanding of what government schemes really are, you need to know what and who they are made for. Here at Yojana Helpline, we aim to give you the information that answers these questions.

For the needy

One of the main goals of government schemes is to provide aid for needy individuals and families. Whether it be for education, food or healthcare, there are different plans and strategies that the government made to provide these to the people. 

Approximately 28% of the population in India are experiencing poverty and the government recognizes this. That’s why most of their schemes are geared towards helping them. Some of the most common plans to achieve this are:

  • Healthcare plans
  • Food provisions
  • Unemployment benefits

For the children

The children of India are sadly facing poverty head-on. Some of them turn to child labour just to get by every day. Sometimes they don’t even get the opportunity to go to school like a normal child and one of the most heartbreaking facts is that some don’t even live for more than five years.

Through the various government schemes, these children will finally get the opportunity to get proper education so that they can pursue their dreams and live their best lives. One specific programme called ‘PM Innovative Learning Programme’ is aimed towards enhancing the skills and talents of the youth.

Education is also important for the youth because they will be taught about sex education and proper family planning. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone because not only will this educate them about the importance of family planning but it will also prevent them from making one of the mistakes that lead to poverty.

For the women

Unfortunately, some places in India are still living by the stone age mindset that women are lesser than men. This hinders the powerful women from flourishing on the job that they really want.

Gender inequality has been an issue in the country for the longest time. Women are stuck at home trying to care for their children while men are free to choose the career paths that they prefer. 

One specific government programme called the SERB-POWER Scheme aims to put a stop to this kind of discrimination. It plans to achieve this by giving women access to professions in the field of science and research. They won’t simply have the opportunity to be hired as an employee but they will also be given the chance to become leaders.

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