Top 7 reasons to visit India

November 26, 2021 0 Comments

Every year, millions of tourists visit India to experience all it has to offer. From vast mountains and plains to serene beaches, India is a treasure trove of natural sights.

More than what you can see, there are a lot of experiences in store for you as well. You can go on wildlife tours, adventures, and even food trips. India is rich in culture as well, with most of their way of life tied to their traditions. 

Here at Yojana Helpline, we present all the best that India has to offer to you. Even though India is a developing country, it is worth visiting, and here are the reasons why! 

  1. Stunning natural views

India is an ideal place to visit for people who love nature. All over India, you can find stunning places that you can take pictures of. Some of these sights include Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir, Majuli in Assam, and Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra. 

  1. Delicious food

India is defined by its cuisine. In this food-loving country, you will come across tasty dishes in every nook and cranny. You should not miss out on enjoying these specialties when in India, from fancy dining to street food.

  1. Many places to shop at

Wherever they go in India, avid shoppers will have a taste of heaven. In the shape of colorful, busy, and lively markets, India offers shoppers everything they want. This ranges from gigantic malls to bustling bazaars.

  1. Amazing wildlife

This huge country is home to a diverse range of exotic and wild plants and animals. Everything from protected forest zones to animal sanctuaries and national parks may be found in India. Every state has a large forested region where you may see unique animals, such as rhinos, tigers, ostriches, and more.

  1. Getting to watch cricket

Even though field hockey is India’s national sport. The entire country is crazy for cricket. Since Indians share all the hype towards cricket, you shouldn’t miss a cricket game when you visit. Stadiums can be found in almost every state, from Himachal Pradesh to Tamil Nadu.

  1. Rich nightlife

The urban cities all over the country come alive at night when the nightclubs and party places come online. If you’re into parties, don’t miss out on the nightlife hotspots in India. Some places you can visit include nightclubs in Goa, Mumbai, nightclubs in Delhi, and cafes in Bangalore, Kolkata

  1. Going to India is affordable

When traveling, your budget is often the most important thing to consider. Many countries require a large budget for you to be able to experience what it has to offer. India, on the other hand, does not. Since India is ranked 10th in the world for ‘price competitiveness’, you don’t need to spend that much to make the most out of your trip. 

Traveling to India is not that costly because hotels have fair prices, commuting is reliable, and food is cheap. 

Yojana Helpline is committed to improving the quality of life in India. When you visit India, you not only get to experience its beauty, you contribute to its local businesses as well. India is a wonderful nation that can get even better the more people to come to experience it. 

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