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BEVQ app latest news/Kerala bevco App download: The Government of India announced lockdown in all over the country due to coronavirus. The date of lockdown is continuously being extended to fight the coronavirus in India. In this lock down period huge number of people faces trouble due to their basic needs. This deadly coronavirus continuously spread all over the country. Now in this stage of lockdown government allow shop to open. Many people had appeared to the government that our food products and many other products are going to expire soon therefore government give them permission to open their shops.

The Government of Kerala, beverage Corporation has started new application that is BEV Q App. Name of the app bevq is state for virtual queue app. This app will help for those people who want to buy liquor from wine shops. This app will provide token to the peoples those want to buy liquor. The first objectives starting this app are to make the liquid available to the people at their home, so that peoples do not stand in long lines at the wine shops. Also government wanted invite the corona virus why getting crowns in front of wine shops. Therefore government started this app by following social distance. And at the end peoples do not have to visit outside for liquor.

Kerala liquid app overview

Scheme namebevq app
Departmentkerala state Beverage Corporation
Benefit liquid at home without standing in a long queues
Authority government of Kerala
Category kerela liquor online bevq
Mode of registrationOnline
Current users Approximately 35 lakh users at a time
Liquid sale timing9:00 5 p.m.

bevq app download free

bevq app download
bevq app download

Due to corona virus whole nation is in lockdown condition. Huge number of peoples and migrant workers are suffered. Indian government provides huge number of facilities for them. Government provides food for need people from fair price shops at suitable rate and now government also start train to send workers to their home state.

bevq app download

Kerala state Beverage Corporation has started token system to sale the liquid. Applicant just needs to download this app in your mobile phone Google Play Store. When applicant applying for the token, then they need to enter some information such as their name, address and some other details. Kerala bevco online booking for liquid will be send to a vacancy portal application depend upon assessable at the closest alcohol shop. Applicant will just need to visit the assigned outlet on planned occasion, as opened to standing by ahead of schedule and long to pay for liquor.

Government of Kerala has started beer and wine shops and bar from 22nd May 2020. The most important thing of this app this bevco app does not ask to pay online payment. Payment has to be made in the counter itself.

bev q app download link

  1. Government of Kerala has launched this app in this way that about 3.5 million people can place an order at a time.
  2. To select nearest outlet customer use GPS technology with the help of this app.
  3. In this app you can’t select liquor brand online in the initial phase.
  4. Low features phone are also applicable to use this application through sms mode.
  5. No online payment facility in this app payment has to make in the counter.
  6. This app can be downloading free from Google Play Store.

Honorable Chief Minister Shri pinarayi vijayan has told that liquid will be readily available as and when the app is ready. Same has started that bar can be open for parcel service by following St Guidelines as the online booking. Sources have said that government is planning to open this App on Friday of this month. Government allows only five members in club at a time.

bevq app download: In Kerala state recently 540 bars and to 12 year wine shop is interested to delivery at home. This rival when kerala Beverage Corporation has invited application from interested Parties to seller liquid using a virtual cues app in a prescribed format. The government has announced that more and their wine shops will be show interest to send liquid at home.

BEVQ app latest news

In the state of Kerala liquid shops and the sale of liquid will be started. Interested peoples can download this app in your phones and order for liquid at their home. They don’t need to go any shops to buy liquor. Government of Kerala has published and order that permit to buy liquid from bar across Kerala.

Kerala government has announced and ready for online web portal and mobile app for the purchase of liquid token for wine beer whisky. After looking at the missing crowd in front of wine and liquor shops government decide this because this enhance the risk of corona virus government has launched bevco liquid booking website. This is the alternative way phone beer and wine Seekers.

After 15 days of lockdowns in the front of liquor shops, huge number of Crowd and a long queue seen by peoples. Therefore Kerala government announced this web portal for those people who need the liquid. Now people can easily purchase liquid online by Kerala bevq App.

Required details for registration

Name of the customer
Valid mobile number
City pincode
Resident address
Email ID
Aadhar card number

The Kerala state Beverage Corporation has started a new registration that is the Beq app. This will provide a token to the people who want to buy the liquor from the wine shop. The motive of the application is to provide liquor video to the peoples at their home so that they do not have to stand in the long queue front the wine shop. Client will just need to visit us find out light on plant locations as opposed to standing by a head of schedules and long to pay for liqueur. Government of Kerala provides liquid with the help of this unique way for the needy peoples.

Key points

  • Liquid can be sold in beverage outlets and bars across the state.
  • Liquid and food can be sold as a parcel in club only for members
  • Liquid can be sold as take home.
  • Non members are not allowed to buy liquor from clubs.
  • Food and Toddy can we sold in toddy shops that are currently open.

According to the sources in the state of Kerala there is approximately 32.9 individuals those want alcohol. So the government has started this application for the needy peoples. The customer has to follow guideline by bevco and liquid during the purchase of the alcohol. Government provide Token to the needy peoples then after you get a bevco liquid top and you will be allotted a time slot u can take a token to the nearby liquor shops and get your liquor. Customers don’t want to worry about smartphone to download this app they get Token to send SMS.bevq app download

How to order liquid using bevq app

  1. Firstly client need to download this app “BEVCO” with the help of their Google Play Store and in the iPhone with the help of app store.
  2. After downloading this app in your mobile phone user can click the nearest outlet.
  3. Users will be allocated a time to reach the outlet among with a bar code.
  4. Once the customer reaches the outlet, the bar code which was sent to the mobile has to be scanned.
  5. Here you just need to pay the amount and get liquor.

This bevq app is available on my mobile phone you just download this app through play store. The home delivery facility may or may not be available. Under the scheme the order can be collected by the shops you have to choose for order and the time allotted. It will work and GPS location, so you have to need to enable your mobile location to find nearest wine shop. Customer only buys 3 liters of liquid at a time. There will be a total 301 outlet under bevco app, over 500 bars and 225 beer and wine shops where you can order for your liquor.

How to order liquid using SMS mode

  1. Candidates if you want to send SMS to get liquor at home then you need to send the pin code of your locations to the number specified by BEVCO.
  2. The customer will receive a message with queue number and detail of the outlet where the person must reach.
  3. Liquid will be allowed only in the allocated time.

The department of Copper Corporation had introduced social distancing in ques outside the liquid shop. The entire liquid outlet had a properly laid out Hue system that was generally followed. The government has dried home delivery of liquid only for papers suffering from withdrawal system based on prescription from government doctors. A senior officer said that Kerala government is working on a virtual queue system to minimize the time spent outside liquid vends.

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