AP Health Card 2020 Application Form and Registration Online

AP Health Card 2020 Andhra Pradesh health card Application Form online.Cattle health card ONLINE REGISTRATION. Application status and the helpline number

AP government has launched new card called cattle health card. Capital card health is now accepted by everyone and that is the reason the state government of Andhra Pradesh is about to launch the cattle card. All families of the state are eligible to get the benefits of cattle health card 2020. Government also hears the volunteers who will help the families to perform the entire process. Who earn their living from the animals will be benefited by the cattle health card. The government has conducted animal census and from that the government came to know how many families are have animals and then they get benefited by the scheme. In this article we have to provide a brief descriptions regarding AP cattle health card 2020.

AP Health Card 2020

With the help of the cattle card Health Scheme government provide proper treatment of castor across the state. Through the implementation of the scheme of certain benefit will be provided by the concerned authority to safeguard the case till which decide in the state. Many disease will be covered so that the treatment of those disease can be undertaken free of cost for all the families who have Castle. All interested for the scheme and owner of the cattle apply for the schemes in this article we have to provide brief information regarding how to apply for caste and health card scheme 2020 and what are the important documents required and also the eligibility criteria for the schemes.

Overview of the scheme

Scheme name- cattle health card scheme
Launch by- State Government of Andhra Pradesh
Year- 2020
Beneficiaries -Families who have animals
State- Andhra Pradesh
Announced by -chief minister jaganmohan Reddy
Objectives -to provide incentive to the farmers

Key features of the scheme

  1. Under the scheme of cattle beneficiary families will receive all type of facility related to health of the animals.
  2. Under the scheme, provide facilities to the beneficiary families are bleeding foot mouth disease de- warming extra toxemia diseases and etc.
  3. Under the schemes will cover the health of the cow but also the Sheep.
  4. Under the scheme the vaccination for the cattle will be held for two times in a year.
  5. The newborn calves will also get health card. Under the schemes of government also provide compensation to the family who real character if they have ever faced loss.
  6. The compensation amount is announced by the AP government four country breed rearing family they get 30000 to the beneficial family for common breed cow the family will get 15000 rupees.
  7. If 20 animals have less than one owner than authority of AP government has allocated 120000 rupees to the beneficiary.
  8. This scheme will work for all 1.6 crore cows and 2.37 crore goat and sheep.
  9. And government also exceed the beneficiary amount of rupees 6000 in that case.
  10. In order to provide monetary help the authority has allocated 50 crore rupees for the scheme for a year.

With the help of the scheme government provide to all the benefit that have cattle. Government also provide to all of the cattle will be the incentive that will be given to carry on different activities regarding the health and benefit of the cattle. Compensation will also be provided on the death of the cattle families. Under the scheme benefit will be divided equally to all the beneficiaries and all of them the cattle can leave a healthy and long life.

AP Health Card 2020

The Andhra Pradesh government has conducted a Census in 2019. The census identified 25 lakh families who have cattle they all are eligible to get the benefit of the scheme. According to the authority each owner of the cattle are eligible to receive health card.

Eligibility criteria

  1. All Eligible Candidate those belong to Andhra Pradesh state are eligible for the same.
  2. All those family who have cattle are eligible to get the benefit of the scheme.
  3. In future if any family wants to purchase a capital then they are also eligible for the scheme.
  4. If a 20 animal under one owner then they receive 120000 rupees. Government of Andhra Pradesh also provide livestock loss compensation scheme to the beneficiary.
  5. For this government of AP will spend rupees 50 crore every year to extend these services.
  6. There are almost 25 lakh such families that have been identified through the livestock census conducted in the year of 2019.

Important documents

Aadhar Card
Bonafide certificate
Land record
PAN card
Bank account detail
Animals report

Andhra Pradesh health card Application Form online

Andhra Pradesh government castor health card will be distributed very soon in the benefits pay. As soon as a beneficiary will get this card they have to fill the followings information’s in the card such as breathe, if female are artificial pregnant, if the owner wish to either buy new animals.

How to apply for cattle health card scheme

Dear readers at that time government not announce for online application form. The people who rear live stock can apply for the scheme. And if you want to apply offline then candidate need to go to the nearest Kendra. This scheme will reduce the cattle owner. The government also taken the stay live stock into consideration and Civic body will be formed to adopt them. The card have been collect all the data regarding when the last lesson was given what is the current health conditions of the cattle.

Helpline number

This card is also help for buying selling livestock. Best doctor recruit under the scheme by the government and the also given suggestion regarding how to prevent infection. It is very useful scheme for the cattle owner and it answer facility provide to the cattle.

Application form: Online Registration Click here

Dear readers this is the information of AP capital health card scheme. This is the very official scheme that has a constant. Government provides financial support for them. For more information regarding the scheme you have to comment in below section.

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