Yojana Helpline: Central and state government schemes

One of the things that the government does that benefits its citizens is planning central and state government schemes. These are plans discussed by the board that aims to give a better life to needy individuals, families and the people of the country in general. 

These schemes are systematic which means that a lot of thought process has been taken.  They usually involve a large-scale setting. Although these are planned by the government, they are funded by the taxes of the people.

Here at Yojana Helpline, we aim to inform you about the latest central and state government schemes of India that you should know about.

To help you get an idea of what these are, here are some of the most common schemes that the Government does:

Health care assistance

One of the most important things that people should have access to is health care. These programs are usually offered for people who are employed however, the same cannot be said to those who are unemployed and needy.

Having proper health care is important because it doesn’t only help improve one’s health but also prevents various diseases and illnesses from occurring. To be frank, hospitalization doesn’t come cheap. That’s where health care assistance comes in. 

This program aims to assist those who don’t have the means to pay for medical services. It covers the costs of pricey medical bills for those low-income families and those who have disabilities that prevent them from having a job.

Food stamps

The main problem that people who experience poverty face is hunger. One of the ways the government fight this problem is by issuing food stamps. These come in stamps or vouchers that can be exchanged for food.

This ensures that every family receives the nutrition that they need daily. These stamps can be exchanged for ready to eat meals or for groceries that they can stock up on. Regardless of which form of food they receive, what’s important is that they are provided with nutritional assistance. Eligibility for this program is determined by evaluating the family’s income and assets.

Unemployment compensation

The harsh reality is that not everyone can be employed. Thankfully, the government recognizes this problem and in turn offers a solution in the form of unemployment compensation. What this means is that the local government will provide specific compensation for those individuals who lost their jobs.

These are the people that have been laid off or those who have been a victim of retrenchment. However, the compensation allocated to these individuals will not last a lifetime. It will only serve to aid them and their families until they find a job again.

Those are some of the most common central and state government schemes that you should know about. To learn more about these carefully planned strategies, feel free to check out the other blogs that can be found here in Yojana Helpline.